Normal Ansco 130 takes 11 grams per liter, so that's only 9 liters of stock developer. But if you think it's worth it, I could send you an 11 gram sample for a single liter. Just to play around with.

One of the best properties of Ansco 130 is its keeping once mixed. That stuff just lasts forever. I store mine in brown glass bottles. I've used mixed stock from half-full bottles (with a squirt of dust-off gas inside) that were over 12 months old, and it worked fine. I'm sure there must have been some degradation, but nothing that couldn't be compensated for easily in the normal printing process.

But it does stain plastic trays, if that matters. I use a stainless steel tray for the developer, then plastic for everything else.

Let me know if you're interested...