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I've been using Rodinol at 1/50 dilution to develop FP4 film and to be honest could do with a bit more contrast in my negatives. My stock of film and Rodinol is just about finished so i need to replace soon - not sure what to go with to give me more contrast any ideas? oh BTW I'm shooting with a Bronny SQAi and a 1950s Zeiss Ikon Nettar and in 35mm land a Nikon F4.
I don't think you should put too much emphasis on the film, but more development equal more separation between the high end of the gray scale and the low end of the gray scale, true for any film/dev combo-----but mind your important textural high values that you don't lose them with too much development. Play with dilutions, and a film/dev combo with a longer toe and a somewhat steeper rise in the curve through Zones V, VI, VII, and VIII as in TMX and TXP developed in HC-110 will provide more inherent contrast, at least in my experience. But also remember the inherent contrast of the scene too, regardless of film and dev, on a gray day, shadows will contain much more diffuse light. So to create more separation from the low end of the scale from the high end, reduce exposure to the shadows and bump up the development time and that will introduce more contrast to the negative as well.