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As said above a lot has been posted in general about high-resolution films here at Apug.

If you would like to read something by someone else, here is an article on a different (meanwhile gone) film but still out of the same class:


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AgX, the pdf You linked is about Agfa copex rapid panchromatic ISO40 film which is still available and gives excellent results.
CMS 20 (I or II) lead in resolution, IMHO the most impressive film in that department. CMS 20 is more like orthochromatic type.

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Even using distilled water in the Adotec 2 rolls (developed seperatly) had quite a few pinholes.
I really want to love this film but the pinholes make it unlikely that I'll try it again...
Distilled water is a must if You are serious about Your darkroom work and Your spirals, tanks need to be CLEAN, You must clean them every now and then with cleansing solutions., otherwise EVERY high res film will show You the spots, or to say it the other way.. how dirty or spirals and tanks are.
Trust me on this, I have shot much more than 5 rolls of CMS 20 in 135 and 120, same for Agfa copex rapid.