Hello everyone, just joined and making my first post! Greets from Philadelphia!

I walk for fun and exercise, and many times walk up to 20 miles at a time. A few weeks ago, having just gotten back into to 35mm film, I picked up an RB67. It's a brute to use, but I have grown to appreciate what it's done for my photography, and the images are as good as I am that day. Getting to the point, I went out by public transportation to the NW boundary of Philadelphia, and shot with the RB67 in Fairmount Park, walking 20 miles back to my house, shooting 3 rolls in total. That's with the RB, the 65mm Sekor C I keep on the camera, the 90mm just in case, my tripod, a Canon 35mm for metering, film, water, and a big lunch I ate halfway through the day.

I was much more tired after this walk than when I have no gear, that's for sure! It was not impossible though, and I'll be glad I lugged that little piggy around when I get my film back.