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I've read (dont know where) that Fujifilm's sales were down to 1% of their revenue. Yet their recent public financial report seems to contradict this. In their image solutions group, photographic imaging (Film, chemicals, machines, etc) dramatically outsell their digital cameras. Is this right? Is film and related businesses still selling that well? I dont know how to read financial statements too well so dont trust my judgement!

Well, you can “exactly” see from the pie chart below in the page of the following link for Y2011 results:
You see two pie charts; one is for Y2000 (left) and for Y2011 (right).
From that pie chart; Total sales (of including all of the Fujifilm group company) for Y2011 was 2.1953 trillion Yen.
You can see from the Y2011 pie chart that Photographic Film sales was 1% and
that will result in 21.953 billon Yen of Photographic Film sales.
So it means that the Photographic Film sales was 274 million US dollars for Y2011 (assuming exchange rate 1 USD = 80 Yen).
If you look at the pie chart for Y2000 (film 19%), Y2011 (film 1%) seems reasonable.
One should note that the Fujifilm “imaging sector” also shrunk from 54%(Y2000) to 15%(2011).