I've tried 35mm for the past year and just couldn't get into it. I recently got a QL17 GIII, prefer it much over my Electro 35 GSN, and foresee myself shooting 35mm more often now.

But I just very recently picked up a 124G and instantly fell in love it. I'm not sure if it's the WLF, 6x6 aspect ratio, or a combination of both. I picked up the 124G cheap to get my feet wet with medium format. Didn't want to spend a fortune on something I wouldn't love. Welp, turns out that I do love it.

Now, given that I already have a 124G, should I replace/upgrade it with a Rolleicord/Rolleiflex (either a cord Vb or flex under $1k) or stick with the 124G and give 645 a shot (I have my eye on an m645 with standard 80 2.8)?

I see it this way: I can a) stick with the 124G and pick up a m645 for variety or b) sell my 124G to fund a cord/flex, but be "limited" (I use the term loosely) to one aspect ratio.

Note: the m645 has a WLF as I am not interested in using a prism. I like the perspective of shooting from waist level vs eye level.

Your thoughts are appreciated.