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I'm not so sure about that, but I am sure that there is a law/rule that they can deny you access to the secured area if you are too firm.
Well I read up on it before a trip in 2010 and at one point one of the security personnel even confirmed it.

And that is that they cannot put the film through the x-ray if you insist, but they can open every single can and hand inspect and hand swipe the film for bomb residue (which they did to me twice, it takes forever when you have 30 rolls of film). But in my 18 airports only the LAST one actually opened the boxes, the rest just swiped the outside of the box (which was annoying since they were my last 6 boxes of Kodachrome).

So in the end it was more hassle than anything. Got patted down a few times, refused to go through the giant human x-ray and that was part of it (I'm stubborn but calm which helps).

The only film that got ruined was the film that was in my camera each time, I hadn't accounted for the fact they would insist on sending the camera through the x-ray. So those films were funky, the Canon 1V did a good job of protecting the film but the AE-1 left each roll that went through the x-ray all streaky.

I'm very precise about my film organization and notation so I know which films went through the x-ray.

But anyway the guard said "we were told only the 3200 speed film was affected by x-rays but we can't scan any of it if you refuse, we have to open and inspect and swipe each one by hand, is that ok?" And I said yes of course, and this happened 18 times with varying degree of difficulty.

I also explained that this film was already old and expired and would be affected more by x-rays than new films, and that it's not something you can buy anymore and that it's value would be lost if it went through the x-ray and would ruin the entire point of the trip since I'm a photographer and this is what I use. Etc etc... You just keep insisting and the line behind you gets longer and they just give up lol.

Anyway, good luck!


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