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Why A? I know I love shooting with a TLR. By no means have I outgrown the 124G, but as I understand it, it's an entry-level TLR in this day and age (nothing wrong with that) and is considered many to be built like a "toy." I am in no hurry to get rid of the 124G if I choose route A, but I can keep my eyes open for a good deal on a cord/flex.
I can't imagine why this makes a difference, it's a great camera. A Holga is a toy.

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Another thing I should mention is I will use either for street photography. My experience with the 124G is that the general public seems intrigued and less threatened by it (I'm sure this goes for any TLR). For anyone with experience, how do people respond to the m645 (or like cameras) being pointed at them? I ask this because I am by no means threatening or creepy, but my experience with DSLRs with street photography has been poor. Maybe it's my approach, maybe it's the camera. All I know is that I've had much more success with the 124G than my 5D2. Wondering if I'll be as successful with something like an m645.
I have a 645 Pro TL with WLF for street-like shooting, doesn't seem to bother people. The 124G gets pretty much the same non-reaction. An EOS 1V with 24-70 2.8 tends to get wary glances and sometimes open hostility. There's a WLF for the Nikon F4; I sometimes wonder how folks would react to that. By the way, I have never been bent out of shape by the restrictions placed on using a WLF on 645. If I have to crop, I crop.

You might also consider a Bronica SQAi; not so cheap as a Mamiya kit, but still 6x6.