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skimmed through the responses, very good discussion.

Just to clarify a few things.

I scan my negatives and make wetprints in the darkroom. I care about my wetprints and negatives more than I care about my scans...
I have no problems with the contrast levels of my current lenses but I have not tried anything modern. I would be interested in perhaps changing lenses mid-roll. Say for instance a 1950's 50mm Sonnar with a 2012 28mm Biogon. Things like that.
In general, good quality single focal length lenses from the 50's such as a Sonnar should not have that much more flare than current lenses. They were coated, and that's a very important factor. For the most part I would say the differences in low value contrast between a 1950s 50mm Sonnar and current Biogon could be compensated for in printing/scanning/processing. One way to help even things out even more would be to use a good lens shade with the older lenses and do your best to shield the front element from extraneous light, particularly bright light sources just outside the frame.