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Another question...

I see a lot of posts in this thread recommending that if I'm interested in 6x4.5 that I should just crop down from 6x6. I wonder to myself why that is. The advantage I see is less equipment to acquire.

That said, I've never been into cropping. I've shot digital for years and and very familiar with the crop tool in Photoshop - takes 2 seconds. Maybe it's just my eyes, but I've never looked through a viewfinder and thought, "I'll frame it like this now and crop it the way I want later." I prefer to "get what I see." Maybe I'm being naive or stubborn, but I shoot 6x6 because I like that aspect ratio. If I want to shoot 6x4.5, I would not feel comfortable shooting 6x6 with the mindset of framing for when I want to crop down to 6x4.5 later. I'm sure this is a self-limitation, but that's just how my mind works.
You may find that the "cropping" issue will engender more discussion then you expect .

In my mind, the subjects of my photographs are what should determine the "shape" of the final result.

The aspect ratio offered by the camera is just something that I need to work with in order to waste as little real estate as possible in the resulting negative or slide.

Of course for slides, it may be more important, because they are often projected (by me).

It probably helps that I both do my own darkroom work, and cut my own mats.

By the way, I shot a fair number of weddings where I was mentally cropping every 6x6 shot I took, as I took them, because 4x5 aspect ratio usually works best in most wedding albums.