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So Norm, who is this "we"? I know you've mentioned that there are two of you in there sharing one username. Do you both post in the same voice? Do you have two names, or are you both named "Norm" ("Norma" and "Norman," "Norma" and "Norma," "Norman" and "Norman"?), or is "Norm" some kind of normalized compound name?
Why you want to know? Does it matter? Or is this pure neighbourly interest?

Okay, here's the deal even if it feels like we're blowing our cover ;-)

We are both involved with photography, but one half of us is better at writing English and more easy with words than the other, whilst the other half is better at technical and optical issues. When joining this forum, we wanted this community to have the benefit of both our abilities. Hence the one name. The medform-norm is just a kind of avatar name.

Does this help?

Cheers, norm