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That said, I've never been into cropping. I've shot digital for years and and very familiar with the crop tool in Photoshop - takes 2 seconds. Maybe it's just my eyes, but I've never looked through a viewfinder and thought, "I'll frame it like this now and crop it the way I want later." I prefer to "get what I see." Maybe I'm being naive or stubborn, but I shoot 6x6 because I like that aspect ratio. If I want to shoot 6x4.5, I would not feel comfortable shooting 6x6 with the mindset of framing for when I want to crop down to 6x4.5 later. I'm sure this is a self-limitation, but that's just how my mind works.
I have kind of a senseless fetish for keeping the original aspect ratio whenever possible, so I'm sympathetic. I can shoot wide with the intention of cropping later, but it feels wrong to look at a square while planning for a rectangle.

Personally, I found I didn't like 645 very much. It does of course have the problem that to switch between landscape and portrait you typically have to rotate the camera, which is seriously awkward with a WLF and less than convenient with many MF cameras, but I just found it to be an unappealing compromise between smaller and larger formats---others feel differently, obviously. IMHO, try the format before you commit much money to it.