Dan - I dug the old beauty out and checked the serial number. It sure looks to be 160,5xx. From the serial number list I have, that should be about 1928. According to my copy of Paine, the Top Handle 5X7 was discontinued in 1924. He specifically states that "By 1926 only the 4X5 'Special' was available; other sizes had been discontinued."Paine is not so specific as to when the later model was introduced. On the page for the side-handle 5X7, he shows the year range as "c.1932-1941". But mine is very much a Top Handle with the smaller lens board. I'll be interested in what your number list shows for a year.

In my previous post I mentioned a picture of a 5X7 Speed on Enno's Flickr pages. I should have said werra, his ID on this forum, although he is Enno on Flickr. Either way, I love his work.