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Xtol 1+1 for 40c for 40min is a reversal time I came up with, it is not suitable for rehal negative processing (normal times and temp are more suitable here) which is what is done above, if you want to reduce the processing time a small amount of fixer in the dev before processing will do that, but I don't have amounts/times on me, I stopped playing around with it at that point.

After Xtol 1+1, 40c, 40min, stop, rinse, pull out in the light, then do normal C-41 from there. You'll get a reversal.

Hello, Athiril. Your post on flickr is where I got the 40 min, 40c. I plan to do exactly what you said above next. Thanks!

This is where my confusion came in (from the flickr post http://www.flickr.com/groups/ishootf...7629663529392/ ):
I like using a B&W developer on colour neg films. Then I like fixing the film, so only the neg is left. Then I like bleaching (not blixing!) the film, to 'reset' the neg. Then I like developing it in E-6 colour developer, then bleach and fixing as normal from there (could also use C-41 in place of that too)."

I noticed here you do not mention reexposing, and you fix after the b&w developer. Does this get a positive or negative? If its negative, what is the advantage of doing this instead of normal E-6 or C-41?