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Chain is "sporty".
Belts are quieter and are normally installed in normal cars as far as I know.
Chains are far more common in motorbike engines and probably in "sporty" engines.
Gear train is another "sporty" option. It would be too expensive and too noisy for a normal city car as far as I can remember.
The gear train is noisy in high revving engines. Low revving isn't bad, like in old Volvos.
I know they say belts are quieter, but I hear belts when I don't hear chains, especially the Hy-Vo or "silent" type chains. Belts are usually under a thin plastic cover, and I can usually hear their high-pitched whine. Not really loud, but definitely there. Standard type chains are lower pitched, more of a buzzing sound.
Another advantage of chains is they are narrower, allowing the engine to be a little shorter. But I like them mainly because they are reliable and long-lasting.