The Mamiya TLRs do have interchangeable lenses, and good ones, but the price you pay isn't so much money as bulk. They're large bulky beasts compared to a Yashica, Rollei or Autocord. Not too bad, I don't mean they're like carrying cinder blocks around or anything, but definitely a lot bigger and heavier. Try to take a look at one in person if you can, or at least see a photo of one with someone holding it and maybe one of the fixed lens ones beside it for comparison.

2005 - I don't know. That's seven years out so it's hard to say. If it was frozen it's probably fine. Refrigerator, maybe. And if you bought it online you don't know just how honest the seller was about that. I bought 10 rolls of supposedly cold stored and "tested and it works great!" Elitechrome and it's crap. Fit only for cross processing, if that.