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Having used a 1930s 6x9 camera a week ago I found it very difficult to use in portrait orientation. Luckily I can just turn the "brilliant finder" sideways and shoot it landscape instead, which would be very tricky with a WLF.
And here's the trick for the 'very tricky', if the camera is on a tripod. Put the camera in vertical orientation, stand to the side of the camera facing it, on the same side as the WLF. Hold a small mirror under the ground glass, tilting it at a 45 degree angle. Look down at the mirror, and you will see a right side up image, corrected left to right.
It can be done while handholding, but awkwardly. I've been thinking of rigging up something to hold the mirror to make it easier.
This is really nice if vertical orientation is only done periodically, which makes having to carry a heavy viewfinder less important.