So far, I've received:

Soccer Over Paris - I love this shot, and how the people blend in with the buildings in the background. Very nice!
River Elbe - Very peaceful! Reminds me of the Brazos river here in Texas. (I also enjoyed your personal embossed signature. Nice touch!)
$3 All Day - I enjoyed the 'vintage' feeling of this one, brought on by the VW bug in the background.
Colors & Forms - I LOVE this shot. I've worked with hot glass in the past, so not only can I appreciate this as a photograph, I can appreciate the subject matter as well. Great capture!
Sweet Child Of Mine - Nice emotion in this one. The curiosity of the kid really translates to the viewer well.
TV Tower - I really enjoyed the geometric patterns in this one.
Legs - Creepy! But almost abstract too. At first glance the insects almost look like cracks in glass. I also enjoyed the texture in this one.
Floating Leaf - I thought it was a feather at first! This nearly looks like a night sky!

I went to the post office today to mail mine, but forgot its Veterans Day here in the US and the post office is closed. Looking forward to getting these in the mail tomorrow!