I'm interested in a Canon FD system:

Here are the lenses that I am interested in,

24mm f2.0
28mm f2.0

35mm f2.0
50mm f1.4

85mm f1.8
100mm f2.0

I'll probably pick a 3 lens kit from these focal lengths: 28/50/100 or 24/35/85. Or something like that. Ideally I would go by focal length, but I'm not familiar of the reputation of FD lenses. Is it safe to assume that all of these lenses are "good" or are any of them notorious for being duds. I do not care for superspeed and I'd prefer to keep things at the 52mm focal length. I like fast glass because i shoot in low-light often, but I do not feel that I would need a 50mm f1.2 over a 50mm f1.4, etc.