If you want to annoy a Lotus fan you tell them it's an acronym....Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious....
Having said that I'd love to own an original Elite with the Coventry Climax motor....or even an early Elan.

I too went fully digital but then realised that if I wanted something important to stay I should go back to film.
So snapshots and web pics and the like are on a point and shoot (albeit a rather nice one in the shape of an X10...) and the real shots I want forever are on a solid medium.
Just as an exposed frame undeveloped is only a latent image, it does not exist in reality but only in potential, so is a digital image. And just like an undeveloped film it shares the inherent instability of a latent image.
So I shoot my good stuff on film then I scan it so I can email/cheap prints for family/etc.
But I've always got my originals...