People go wonky over the Golden or Gold Dot Dagor's. Especially the ones made during the "Schneider Kreuznach" era of Dagor production.

This lens has every bit of the legendary contrast, control, and coverage, at about 1/3 of the legendary price. Hey, if it makes you happy, mill a eighth inch depression on the front and put a dab of gold paint in it.

Glass on this one is lovely, but the single coating is a bit splotchy on the front element. No effect what-so-ever and this lens has proven to be extremely sharp and contrasty on 8X10 format.

Are you wishing for something that covers the same angle on 8X10 as your 135 does on 4X5? Moderately wide field with a TON of movements. Shutter works like new.

This'll just squeak around 11X14 but I don't know if I'd consider it usable on that format.
$515.00 + shipping 2U