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Is the plastic piece on the outside of the hood, meaning accessible with hte top lifted? If so, that is called a Rolleigrid, I believe. It was an add-on piece Rollei sold. It can be removed- pull back/down on the center tab at the back of the hood and pry it up from the back edge.

Short of a Maxwell, an Oleson screen is a great improvement. For $30 or so, hard to go wrong. If you want better, the $200 Maxwell will be waiting

EDIT: I was writing while Gerry M was posting his comments, so sorry for the repetition!

Thanks all for the replies so far.

Hi Dan,

Yes that plastic thingy can be removed from the top through the surround of the finder. So I gather then that if I get a decent focusing screen I wont need the fresnel? It can go in the bin where it belongs!

I've had the lower gridded screen out to give it a clean and that wasn't too difficult so I'll probably take the advice and get an Olsen screen ... I'm not too keen on spending $200.00 at this stage. TLR shooting is still a little new to me.