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After I noticed, I rinsed the cut with water very well. However there were no immediate repercussions, and as of yet no long term ones. However, I'm trying to prevent any severe consequences. It's happened more than once, but how many times I can't say. Just trying to eliminate any long-term health hazards. I'm doing this all in a small mud room sink that doesn't really have any ventilation, but I was more worried about direct skin contact. Thinking about it, maybe I should be more concerned about ventilation? I can't very well do this outside, and my options are limited.
Any cut no matter how small or large must be protected from the ingress of chemicals, not necessarily those limited to darkroom use. Oils, greese, washing powders, dishwash... it's a long list, can all present quite serious skin and blood problems if they are repeatedly allowed to get in. Yes, wearing gloves is a splendid idea, discarding them after each session; not a great many people give consideration to skin safety when working in the darkroom, but I think they should. A mud room sounds romantic, sort of: do you mean wattle and daub/mudbrick? But no ventilation, well... something might need to be done there; inhaling fumes routinely used in the darkroom isn't going to do you much good long term (emphysema is one complication from long exposure to inhaled chemicals, but there are many, including benzines and polyaromatics that are chiefly the culprits). But you'll sort something out and come up trumps you did so with your website!