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Is this incredibly stupid, kinda so/so stupid, or is the toxicity and cancerous nature of these chemicals slightly hyped by hippies, the EPA, the state of California, etc?
It's kinda dumb, not that it's immediately dangerous to you, but because you might develop such a severe skin sensitivity that you won't be able to work with color chemicals again.

The color developers are considered to be "skin sensitizers." That is, you might handle the developer daily for who knows how long, and then suddenly, one day, your hands start to itch, get red and irritated, and the skin gets cracks. After a few days away from the chemicals, it starts to heal. But the next time, even a year later, you so much as touch a doorknob contaminated with developer, the reaction comes right back.

I don't see any recent recs, but it used to be recommended to wash hands thoroughly with a low pH soap after handling developer. So I think this is always a good practice if you can find a proper soap. (Phisoderm used to be the standard, but I'm not sure if it's a low pH product anymore. Nearly all conventional hand soaps have a higher pH.)

After many years in high volume processing, I've only seen a couple people develop the allergy, but they had to change jobs because of it. Perhaps it will never affect you, but why take the chance?

ps: we always liked those disposable blue nitrile rubber gloves.