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Craig, I looked to Sheperd 170 and it is 80 pounds makes 120 dollars.!!! A good 4 meter boat plan is 200 dollars and fiberglass costs 300 dollars. I watched a documentary about people who escaped to South Med coast of Turkey , man said I am living in the photograph why would I want to take it !!!!!! If I find 500 dollars , I would build the boat and set sail to Antalya , no photography anymore. I am taking photographs to carry the scene to my dim room , If I would be able to live there , I would never invest in photography anymore.

Mustafa, my boy, don't be so tragic! You shall NOT leave photography. Put money, heart and soul into it. Decorate the house with the beauty you see around you in Turkey (now don't go givin' me bull that Turkey isn't beautiful: my professor is over there for 6 weeks on leave with his young daughter and will come back with a stunning visual record, albeit a digital one...). Don't get all sweaty and break out in warts because of the cost of a meter. Guess the exposure. You aren't going to be flogged if you get it wrong.

PS: If you do find $500, please PM me. Thanky!