Thank you Garyh, I will.


Novar is very special lens since I love triplet Cooke on my Polaroid 350 and Triotar on Rollei's. Its a 3 element lens and I believe fourth element blur the scene and gives a more alien sharpness. Sharpness is less and acutance is more with Tessar lens. But tessar's 4th glass gives a 3 dimensional - not bokeh - muscle details , Tessar is for people , Triplets are for panaroma. Triplets are good for lines like poles to grass , better for texture like an old cut stone buildinng and rust like textures and the windows , doors , lines on the building , repeating patterns at the roof etc. Triplets I believe is the closest thing for 1950s factory, product photographs of German magazines. Lack of black , lack of white. Pure mid tone.

After following this lens for 2 years , finally I bought it.

And now I want to give what it deserves. Because it is very sensitive and I want to use the lens at its best , not darker , not lighter , as the designer calculates. I am using my 6th Leica and all used from experience on light. There are few good pictures at the gallery