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it's a question of who is making the copy, not the copy per se. Ukranian copies (what most folk call russian) are made, especially during the 60s and 70s, by people paid by the piece, not for quality, and in a culture where you check everything you buy for the date of manufacture because everything made on monday is made by people fighting hangovers and on friday by people looking to get off work early.

Even the stuff made on Wednesday was definitely a "Quality is job Two" proposition...
You are native from Russia or Ukraine?

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...I have several soviet copies and the feeling is totally different from one to another. My Zorki-Zorki commands (film winding, shutter release, speed selection) are very tight, without any clearance. At the opposite, I rebuilt a pre-war FED much smoother now. In fact they have very little in common when you handle them.

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..I saw with a Summicron Fed comparison and after sees that ...
Someday You might come across Noctilux 50 /0.95 or even Summilux 50 /1.4 comparison with FED 50 /3.5