There was the mention of the gloves being irritating. That could be because of reuse and having disgusting things growing inside unwashed gloves. Or it could be due to re-use of contaminated household style gloves (which are thereby no longer clean where they contact you). Or it could be due to using latex gloves, which are both not proof against photographic chemicals and can cause an allergic reaction themselves.

For colour materials and for toning I'd suggest single-use nitrile gloves, sold as nitrile examination gloves by your local pharmacist. They are ridiculously cheap and are thin enough to use comfortably.

It is also sensible to fix equipment leaks and figure out how to avoid splashes, simply as good lab practice to avoid cross contamination in your processing. Ventilation is wise, for long-term comfort if nothing else. There are no standard chemicals that will cause you to drop down dead - it seems more a case of possible long term reactions with repeated exposure over years of daily use. This is easy to prevent, so it seems foolish not to avoid the small risk.