Bear in mind that the USSR had a rather...robust approach to engineering. I've heard that the T-34 tank engines were designed to machine themselves over the first few thousand miles, if they survived that long in combat. I'd imagine that an oil change involved a magnet to catch all the metal shavings!

Also remember that if you buy a FED or Zorki now you're buying an old copy of an even older design. Any camera of that age is likely to need a CLA, if it wasn't put together terribly well to begin with then it'll be even worse now.

I have a Zenit-B which I've yet to try putting a film through as it's heavy, blocky, and feels like something you'd hack together in a cave with a box of scraps (to quote Iron Man). I'm sorely tempted by a FED or Zorki as they look very pretty, but get the impression that it'd just be a huge frustration. I do, however, know of a very reliable UK-based ebay seller who occasionally has Soviet rangefinders for sale and who does check them thoroughly, so if one came up at the right price...

As for the OP - try getting some silicone-based lubricant into the winding mechanism and see if it sounds better then. That definitely sounds like dry gears, a bit of grease may make it much nicer to use.