Thank you Flying Council, Andrew, Mark again and ic racer.

Wonderful ideas but I can only pay by monthly payment. I know in USA and Europe , everything works with cash but nobody have cash in their pocket here. Homes, cars to bread to lemon goes with credit card and minimum monthly payment.

Keh is extremelly cheap but when it comes to their UPS , it starts from 65 dollars here. I think I must listen Mark and read and use his text. He is very experienced and not to listen him is foolish.

I am downgrading my ideals and learn to live with DIY errors. Its winter time , there is %30 increase in gas prices and we pay 180 dollars a month. It sucks the money really. Our salary and use goes neck to neck.

Now its time to find 120 film online in Istanbul. I have D76 from canadian friend , I even forgot his name and fixer.

I will post the results in two weeks.

Thank you very much Everyone ! You are great!