Come on, you don't need to be insulting -- he's a Leica guy and entitled to his opinion (though the Mini Zoom arguably IS a "tourist camera"!). But I agree, Canon FD lenses are superb, and no duds whatsoever among the group he's considering. I would say 24 or 28 - 50 - 100 (or 135) will make a nice set. It's the old 35 vs. 28 question, and my reaction is that a 35 is the best choice if limited to only one lens. But it's a compromise.

I chuckled a bit when the orginal poster said he's not going for "super speed" -- but for 24 or 28, an f2 is quite fast (and not really necessary) -- stick with the 24/2.8 or 28/2.8 (both fine lenses) and save some money. The original poster didn't indicate which camera body he's got or plans to get, so I'll be interested to hear his thinking there.