Lens contrast is very important. You cannot compensate for missing detail in the darkroom, or by increasing development. Single coated lenses can be excellent, multicoating is better but shows it's virtues more in complex lenses such as zooms.

One thing to keep in mind is the value of an efficient lens hood. I use lenses of all ages, from early 1900s to modern multicoated wonders. The hood helps them all. An uncoated Dagor with a compendium hood has better contast than a single coated Symmar without the hood. A multicoated Dagor with compendium has better contrast and more shadow detail than any lens I've ever seen, used, or heard of. My late 60s/early70s Nikkors 35mm lenses have all the contrast I or anyone needs, when used properly.

Veiling flare can be printed through in B&W, but can cause color casts in the shadow areas on color film.
Dirty lenses will show markedly less contrast than clean ones.

So, keep the lens clean, use a hood, and don't obsess over contrast. Any modern coated lens that is clean and in good condition - and modern means post WWII - will give adequate contrast for any purpose if used properly.