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Hi Jim,
I don't wish to hijack you sale post be Im curious about the 270 you have for sale. I have one of these, well I should say I have a G-claron 9/270 Serial Number14255912, and I thought going the spec sheets that the IC was only 335mm (8x10) are you saying this is wrong and it will cover a lot more?

YES. Your later G-Claron is a Plasmat and a very fine lens indeed. The Plasmat would cover 82 degrees and it will indeed cover the 11X14 format with zero movements. It covers 8X10 with vast movements possible.

Schneider's customer for these was the graphic arts industry. After 62 degrees graphic arts will begin to show enough wide angle distortion, ie. stretching, not degradation, that they aren't usable for that. So Schneider rated them at 62 degrees in their spec sheets. But they cover 82 degrees for general photo use and are sharp all the way to the last 4mm or so.