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ntenny and E. von Hoegh, thanks, what I'm wondering, is based on Ralph's post, how is a lens used to control contrast? Lets say you have just one lens, either "antique" or "modern." What would be done with the lens to control contrast? And I don't mean swap out, I mean lens technique.

BTW, Nathan, I agree with E., the lens is really good. Mine is a No. 4 13", which I use on 8x10. That lens has no problem giving a lovely image on color or B&W. And yes, I use a compendium shade. Makes a view camera look like it has a real purpose!
Well, beyond using a proper shade, making certain the glass is clean, and giving the correct exposure for the scene there isn't anything else you can do with the lens.

BTW, that lens on 4x5 will give you incredibly sharp (corner to corner) negatives. Show one to someone who just shelled out $$$$ for a brandy-new Apo-Something.