I hate to do it but I am selling my Hasselblad 500cm kit so I can get a cheaper Bronica SQ kit with more lenses. This camera is in perfect working condition. The light seals in the back were replaced about 3 weeks ago. The lens has no haze or fungus but does have some light scratches on the front element, but they don't effect image quality at all. The focusing screen has cleaning marks but no serious scratches. The body was bought from KEH and works perfectly but the tripod mount has some paint loss and the leatherette has shrunk a little around the nameplate. Both of the filters are Milo filters and they in like new condition.

Kit includes
Hasselblad 500cm body SN RH 1269810
Carl Zeiss 80mm Plannar C f2.8 Recently serviced
Late A12 back with darkslide holder and original box SN 30ER14990
Waist level finder
Split image screen
2 B&W filters - Orange (never used) and Yellow (Y2)
Front and rear lens caps
Thrid party plastic lens hood
Front body cap
Optech camera strap
3 rolls Kodak Portra 160

$940 shipped
Paypal only