Statements such as "contrasty lens" bandied around in forums (and dealers!) continually irk me. In years and years of printing to exhibition/gallery standard (Ilfochrome) using very high quality optics, I have not given much credit at all to a "contrasty lens", certainly not letting it sway judgement. If I end up with a lens that is "contrasty", you can bet your nellie the lens was considered for a very wide variety of factors, and that (contrast) wasn't one of them. Come to think of it now through reference, all of my Pentax 67 lenses are described as "sharp and contrasty". So? So...well, the images are very beautiful framed under spots (so are everybody else's MF prints), but there is more to it than "contrast" properties of a lens. Besides all of that, how is a lens judged or ascribed as "contrasty"? What is the quantification and qualification?