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The deniers vs stockpilers on this thread illustrate that in life, people can be separated into two camps:

Those who realize it is their responsibility to take care of themselves and then there are those who expect that someone else is responsible for taking care of them.
A bit excessive to say there are 'deniers' in this thread - no one is saying that we are entering an age where film will be cheap and old emulsions will come back to life. If there are two camps it is 1) one should ensure that you have the stock you need and film selection will if anything worsen over time and 2) if we want to keep companies viable, regular and frequent purchases help.

Really I don't think these points are mutually exclusive. So I am with Brianshaw (if i understand u correctly) on a third path of stocking up on stuff that I know may be fading away (eg some efke films) and at the same time trying to throw some cash in a regular frequency at some vendors I use.