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OK. I recall when I got the Pentax 67 lens that my only criterion was to "get some decent lenses" (I was a bit more specific starting out with the Canon kit many moons ago). Of course now I realise I got much, much more than I bargained for (I almost came home with a Hasselblad kit...) and I'm not complaining, certainly not about sharpness. It's good to have this contrasty lens subject out in the open, as too often a "contrasty lens" is judged as the only one somebody should buy without due and careful consideration to other factors (weight, ease of use, prime vs zoom, others...).
Actually as long as you're talking about post WWII (coated) lenses, good contrast is more or less a given. Give a ca. 1950 135mm Graflex Optar (A Tessar type, renamed single coated Wollensak Raptar) a try, they're superb.