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I wonder what Ilford has to say about this alleged latent image issue with Pan F. I use "alleged" for quasi legal reasons as I don't think there is any incontrovertible proof to date.

As others have said I seriously doubt that it misbehaves when being processed. I have used it only once when my ignorance of film in general was bliss and didn't see a problem when I processed it.

Indeed if there was a proven issue on latent image you'd think that Ilford would have mentioned it. I can't be the only photographer not to process for several months so if I were ever to use Pan F again it would be helpful to know what the maximum time it can be left exposed but undeveloped.

No legal issues in saying, "in my experience, latent images on Pan F haven't kept nearly as well when development was not prompt as they do on other films" which is pretty much all anyone has said. And I seem to recall something on the box about developing promptly, maybe more firmly worded than the usual such disclaimer - I'd have to dig a roll out of the film fridge to look and that's downstairs.

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Develop your own.

I shoot Pan F+ and even if I could send it some place else, I wouldn't because this is one film that has to be developed "just right."
Not to say that it's hard to develop but seemingly small changes in agitation, temperature or time can make a visible difference in the result. I just would not trust your average lab to understand that.
(Unless it is a lab that has experience developing that film... No place around where I live has such experience.)

Doing it yourself, you have more control over the process. If you want to push, pull or tweak the process.

If mistakes are made you'll be able to figure out what the problem is. You won't have to worry about what somebody else did to screw up your film.
(Because you'll be the one who screwed it up! )
This is true in my experience too, to which I have a one word answer - Diafine. Stone simple and works great with Pan F. Tames the highlight contrast and gives a touch more effective speed too. Box says to shoot it at 80. I use EI 64.