In decreasing order of toxicity for both C41, RA4 and E6; Color Developer, First Developer, Stabilizer, Bleach, Blix, Fix.

The developing agents are the baddies in any developer but they are only bad if you get them in an open cut, or swallow some from a finger or under a fingernail for example. The stabilizer has ingredients that kill bacterial and fungi and therefore are mildly toxic if you inhale or swallow some. From there on down, the blix, bleach and fix are almost harmless unless swallowed. The Iron can give you a liver problem if you swallow too much and the silver (in used fix or blix) can be a problem.

These chemicals are really not that toxic if you work with them. I know of a lot of old guys around town that made a living for years with these chemicals. My neighbor used to make B&W developing agents in his lab for years.