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The posting was not clear as to whether the question was referring to the technical capability of a zoom, or the artistic process of using them. And the answers have covered both areas. Technically, a modern zoom is probably as good as a prime, but rarely as fast. But I have to give the winning vote to the comments about composition. I have the Zuiko 28-48mm and a couple 35-70mm (including the legendary f3.6), and rarely use any of them. You should be viewing the world for the lens(es) you are carrying and look for compositions that work well for that lens. Nothing marks a snapshooter faster that standing in one place, zooming the lens in and out.
Allow me to quote myself:

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I understand that zooms make some people into lazy, bad photographers, but this is not what I'm asking about.

I'm asking if anyone uses a zoom lens that probably has used to use primes extensively in the past, knows different focal lengths intimately (and thus knows how different FL's control perspective), has an artistic goal in mind, and primarily uses a zoom lens to accomplish his ideas.