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<re: 6x9 folders>

We have cured ourselves from these by buying 6x9 SLR's instead - and now we're looking for a cure for those too!
Heh. Reminds me of the doctors of the early 20th century, heralding the wonderful new cure for morphine addiction: heroin.

Thanks, I'll stick with my folders. I've got three 6x9 now, a Moskva-5 (w/ 6x6 mask), a Wirgin Auta 6.3 (w/ 6x4.5 mask), and a Voigtlander Rollfilmkamera. Total investment to date for all three: about $120, plus a few hours work overhauling a shutter that was traded, with lens, for one of them. Then of course there are the 6x6 -- a Speedex 4.5 with persistent bellows leaks, and my second Speedex Jr. (the first suffered a broken door latch and seems to have failed to make the move from Seattle to here). And a 35 mm folder, as well, a pre-War Balda Jubilette (currently shelved pending me doing something useful to the film stop, which is currently not very reliable). Oh, and I guess I should count the three (two functional, one with very, very bad bellows) 9x12 cm plate cameras.

No, no heroin, thanks, I've had plenty of morphine already.