The printer who taught me darkroom skills from 1987 to 1993 developed skin cancer not from sun exposure, but from decades of developing and printing his B&W and colour prints. In his later years was greatly troubled by cancer of the esophagus. His family had a history of heart problems, but no pattern of cancer. When he died, his wife converted the darkroom into a storage space, the wider studio into a gallery and tossed out four enlargers by dumping them on the street. He never wore gloves or glasses, had just one extractor fan, two safelights and a cocktail of chemicals that the fire brigade once described during an inspection as "having enough firepower to flatten the town" (and the town wasn't that big, about 8 streets and 400 people). He could in real terms have been described as cavalier and "just get on with it". A bit of a larrikin with a mind of his own. But he was a bloody good printer of both colour and B&W and no doubt his images are enduring to this day.