The English language global and USA market pages certainly don't offer anything of use. The German version of does have a page for it. And I tried translating the Japanese pages that refer to Reala Ace, just to see what would happen. Google actually did a pretty good job in translation. But it didn't exactly reduce the confusion. There was a page with an end-of-sale announcement. It specifically mentions the discontinuation of the 35mm format (which we already knew) but the chart on the page also mentioned end-of-sale of the 120 size in September - but the text of the page did not call this out. Also, the professional film page shows 120 size Reala Ace as an available product. So that didn't help much, and I don't know if any of this means much of anything for markets outside of Japan.

The Japanese refer to the 120 size as "Brownie" film. That's charming.