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Funnily enough Ken, I now keep an old CD in the bathroom (which gets to double as a darkroom) as a result of reading your suggestion in another thread.
Happy to hear somebody is really using that.

And sorry for sounding like a broken record for repeating it, but every day there are new members signing up and I'm not the type to simply tell people to go search all 1.26 million earlier posts when all it takes is a moment of my time to save a whole lot of trouble for them.

Many moons ago my college job was at Disneyland. No matter what the language or culture, all one had to do was look down at the child doing The Dance to know what the parent's frantic question was. Not once did I ever tell them to look it up in the map they had been given at the Main Gate. No, in acute cases with language barriers I would just stop what I was doing and walk them there myself. Quicker, easier, and a better outcome for all concerned.

And so it is also at APUG...