I completely agree , its boring to read digital book but I downloaded hundreds of digital books and some went to printing. How easy to download and secure digital book at my gmail account and how it is difficult to shape the room every morning with photocopies spreaded everywhere. And industrial laser printers prints bw very good. Whenever I have to pay for photo lab , it hurts. For years , I am thinking to build a 617 anamorphic pinhole camera and scan than print with these laser printers as a bulk. Honestly talking , I invested quite a time to find a mid size linear scanner array with a memory card and I found it from Germany from Sony Japan for 15 dollars. Than I lost the contact . If I can I will buy one of these and make a anamorphic camera with Zeiss Novar Lens. I saw many shots with Zeiss Ikon Nettar Novar lens camera attached to Nikon digital camera and images were phenomenal. I think old lenses works equal with digital cameras and outperforms even todays zeiss and leica lenses.

Steve put it correctly , OP must visit f295 , there are ten thousands of images and photographers. If OP can convice that his book have better ones , than here he goes. But if he puts encyription to the file or if he makes strange format ,it would be no fun.

Yes , loud thinking , it is very hard to compete with free pinhole galleries with few photographs in digital book for money.

But americans loves to spend money.

Lets go from here and lets use AgX idea , print your book on to paper and sell it that way. Put every detail , pinhole size , film plane distance , film , paper details and chemicals