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Serious and fine art? You better have a lifetime of extra cash (or sleep with the right people) if your goal is to make it as a fine artist. Sorry for the metaphorical dowsing of cold water, but I can't seem to find the slap across the face SNAP OUT OF IT "smiley".
Sorry to turn the burner on underneath your cold water but have you considered that unlike 99% of the so called "fine art" photography out there, his might actually be good?

And where have people got this "stored for 30 years" stuff? None of the film I have stored will live in my freezer beyond ten years, color less than 5. That is the whole idea behind creating the 10-15 year basis in the initial stock then using and replacing regularly. There is more of this going on than any of you may realize, Christopher Burkett bought a crapload of Ilfochrome recently along with his color films of choice.

We all have our priorities, mine is making damn good and sure I never have digital become my only option...