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Back in the day when the tabular films first came out, I was told that you only really benefit from them when they are matched with a developer designed for them, otherwise they behave like the more traditional films. Given the response in this thread has been quite, ahem, diverse, I might get a bit of a wide ranging response but I would b most interested in hearing from the tab-fans.
Tab fan here. Don't get me wrong, FP4 is a beautiful film. As I said in my earlier post, Delta 100 and FP4 are very similar in tonality. It is also true that Delta 100 has every bit as long an exposure range as FP4 and then some. It also handles minus development very well. It will function beautifully in most any general purpose, well formulated developer. The exceptions in my testing are Pyro developers, in which I find Delta loses too much speed compared with FP4+.

It should be noted of the big three medium speed tabulars (Delta 100, TMX, Acros), Delta is the least "tabular" and is also the grainiest of the three. The TMax films are significantly finer grained. In fact the current version of TMax 400 is about equal to Delta 100 in terms of graininess. The TMax films have gotten a bad rap in my opinion. One look at John Sexton's prints and I knew the anti-tab thing was nonsense. Everyone has their own preferences though.