You could stick with Tri-X. Use a lower EI and then you can have your "wide open" f/5.6 in open shade, f/11 in daylight. The apertures of 4x5 "feel" wider than the f/stop number you're accustomed to with smaller formats.

If you change to tabular-grain emulsions in 4x5 it is like making two changes at once (film size and type of film). You might not know what change made you like your new results.

For my case, I switched to TMY-2, which I never used in any other format before. I was hooked on it and rarely use anything else in 4x5 because I like the fine grain and sharpness so much.

p.s. I work for Kodak but the opinions and positions I take are my own and not necessarily those of EKC.