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Sorry to turn the burner on underneath your cold water but have you considered that unlike 99% of the so called "fine art" photography out there, his might actually be good?

And where have people got this "stored for 30 years" stuff? None of the film I have stored will live in my freezer beyond ten years, color less than 5. That is the whole idea behind creating the 10-15 year basis in the initial stock then using and replacing regularly. There is more of this going on than any of you may realize, Christopher Burkett bought a crapload of Ilfochrome recently along with his color films of choice.

We all have our priorities, mine is making damn good and sure I never have digital become my only option...
Sexton and Burkett are not the best examples to use in comparison to OP. They each sell a lot of prints at $1,000 a pop. A lot easier in these cases to justify spending thousands of dollars stockpiling materials. In some cases it is necessary to complete projects and backlogged print orders, which is why John stocked up on Polymax when it was discontinued. He gets most of his film for free anyway.